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The Art Of Distilling Whiskey And Other Spirits (BK53)
Bill Owens; Alan Dikty; Fritz Maytag
This book is a backstage pass into the world of small-scale distilling of whiskies, gins, vodkas, brandies, and more. The reader, the ultimate spirits aficionado, will learn how water and grain are transformed into the full range exquisite, timeless liquors. There are few books available that explore the actual craft of distilling in such detail. Most of the other spirits books chronicle the historical side of the distilling world or focus on the flavors of various vintages. Our book will be the consummate insider's guide to distilling techniques. Bill Owens' original photography, the result of two cross-country road trips, offers comprehensive illustration of the microdistilling world.

In Hard Cover Format
In Near Mint Condition,
Copyright 2009

Our Price: $21.46


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The Art Of Distilling Whiskey And Other Spirits
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