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Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach To Web Usability (BK47)
Luke Wroblewski
'Usability' has become the watchword of contemporary Web design, and with good reason. But until now, books on Web usability have focused chiefly on response times, compatibility, and other technical matters, providing only limited guidance on design issues. This book takes Web usability a step further-and shows how good visual design can make a site not just usable, but user-friendly. Using hundreds of real-world Web examples, interface expert Luke Wroblewski explains how to enhance usability by applying the principles of visual communications to site design. Good visual design, he demonstrates, can make a site's organization crystal clear-and convey its personality or 'attitude' in an instant. Offering lots of specific design recommendations for text, links, images, navigation, forms, home pages, dynamic content, and Web services, Site-Seeing delivers the insights and advice you need to boost a site's visual appeal-and take Web usability to the next level. * Learn how colors, type, photos, and more work together to give each site a distinct personality * Create Web sites that are both practical and charged with emotion * Discover how visual organization can clarify Web site elements and simplify interactions

In Paperback Format
In Very Fine Condition,
Copyright 2002

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Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach To Web Usability
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