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Past Imperative (The Great Game #1) (BK39)
Dave Duncan
<p>The Great Game of Gods is afoot in a world on the brink of madness . . .</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>In the summer of 1914, a young man of reputation beyond reproach awakens under police guard&mdash;grievously injured and accused of heinous, impossible murder. And in a strange, distant place, the youngest member of a penniless acting troupe has been taken prisoner by the loyal minions of a corrupt, vengeful goddess. For an ancient prophecy has divided the realm&rsquo;s ruling deities into warring factions&mdash;a prophecy that mentions the crippled captive child and a youth recovering from inexplicable wounds in a British hospital bed. The game weaves through worlds and dimensions as it has since time immemorial&mdash;a deadly contest of skill and manipulations that ruthlessly creates wizards, destroys human pawns, and transforms ordinary men,&nbsp;women, and children into something more.&nbsp;</p>

In Paperback Format
In Very Fine Condition,
Copyright 1996

Our Price: $4.67


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Past Imperative (The Great Game #1)
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