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Mythbreaker (Gods & Monsters #2) (BK36)
Stephen Blackmoore
<p>Louie &ldquo;Fitz&rdquo; Fitzsimmons is getting out of the drugs business. It was never what you might call a career, anyway; he&rsquo;s got problems &ndash; strange, violent, vivid hallucinations that have plagued him since he was a kid &ndash; and what with one thing and another, this is where he&rsquo;s ended up. So he&rsquo;s been cooking Hollywood gangster Blake Kaplan&rsquo;s books, and putting a little aside for a rainy day &ndash; fifteen million, give or take &ndash; and he figures it&rsquo;s time to cut and run. Until a vision hits at the worst possible moment, and now he&rsquo;s in hospital and looking at a stretch in County on a possession charge.</p><p><br />Then a Lithuanian goddess of the hunt murders her way into the hospital, and Fitz ends up on the run from a pissed-off angel, and there&rsquo;s new gods &ndash; gods of business and the internet &ndash; hunting him down, and what started as a bad day gets a whole lot worse. Because Fitz is a Chronicler, a prophet &ndash; a modern Moses or Hesiod &ndash; with the power to make, or break, the gods themselves...</p>

In Paperback Format
In Near Mint Condition,
Copyright 2014

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Mythbreaker (Gods & Monsters #2)
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