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Thursday And The Lady (BK1453)
Patricia Matthews
1848. America's most unforgettable era. As suffragettes begin their long struggle... as the gold rush spurs glorious optimism... comes a story of a proud, passionate love only the gifted pen of Patricia Matthews can tell. Jemina Benedict refuses to sit prettily and be wooed by Beacon Hill's most eligible gentlemen. Instead, she follows her dream to Philadelphia, and under the nurturing wing of Sara Hale and her magazine, Godey's Lady's Book, Jemina crafts her talent-writing about the women and events that shaped our nation's history. Owen Thursday. Torn by past secrets he has never shared, he is the best journalist the Philadelphia Ledger has. He follows his stories all over the world, footloose, fancy-free and alone. Until Miss Jemina Benedict matches his indomitable spirit with her own - and shows him a love as far-reaching as their dreams.

In Paperback Format
In Very Good Condition,
Copyright 1987

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Thursday And The Lady
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