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Children's Books Too Good To Miss (BK1180)
May Hill Arbuthnot; Margaret Mary Clark; Harriet G. Long; Ruth M. Hadlow
Children's Books Too Good to Miss is now in its sixth edition; testimony to its extensive use in homes, libraries, and schools of education and library science throughout the United States. This new edition choose from among the formidable number of volumes published for children -- including the best of the most recent crop -- about hundred sixty titles of outstanding merit. These represent the judgment of a group of specialists who, having had long experience working with children and children's literature, have tried to determine which of the old children's books have significance for today and which of the new ones measure up to the same standards of excellence. The late May Hill Arbuthnot was associate professor of education at Case Western Reserve University. Margaret Mary Clark is head of the Lewis Carroll Room, Cleveland Public Library. Harriet G. Long is professor emeritus of the School of Library Science of Western Reserve University. Ruth M. Hadlow is coordinator of work with children, Cleveland Public Library.

In Hard Cover Format
In Good Condition,
Copyright 1971

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Children's Books Too Good To Miss
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