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Cutting Edge (A Handful of Men #1) (BK14)
Dave Duncan
<p>For fifteen years, Queen Inos and King Rap&mdash;the former stable boy and secret sorcerer&mdash;have ruled Krasnegar wisely and happily, raising a family and prospering in their remote little kingdom.<br />&nbsp;<br />But a darkness is encroaching, foreshadowed by prophecies of unimagined cataclysms across Pandemia. Prince Emshandar, better known as Shandie to Krasnegar&rsquo;s royal family, is engaged in several conflicts along the Impire&rsquo;s borderlands, as armies of djinns, gnomes, and other races declare and wage war. His grandfather, the aged imperor himself, continues to behave more erratically and tyrannically with each passing hour.<br />&nbsp;<br />Rap dismisses the warnings as superstitious nonsense and the borderland battles as far from home and none of his kingdom&rsquo;s affair. But on the night of the birth of his fourth child, Rap is visited by a god who regales him with a cryptic tale of Pandemia&rsquo;s impending doom. Once upon a time, a young sorcerer made an error, an error that now threatens to nullify the Protocol, the treaty that has controlled the use of magic for a millennium. Without the Protocol, the realm will fall into chaos and certain destruction&mdash;unless Rap embarks on a dangerous quest to right his long ago wrong .&nbsp;.&nbsp;.<br />&nbsp;<br />The beginning of a new series by the author of the Seventh Sword novels and many other acclaimed works of fantasy,&nbsp;<em>The Cutting Edge</em>&nbsp;is &ldquo;deftly woven and set forth with a refreshingly unpretentious clarity and directness: imagine David Eddings rewritten by Kate Wilhelm. Grab this one&rdquo; (<em>Kirkus Reviews</em>).</p>

In Paperback Format
In Fine Condition,
Copyright 1993

Our Price: $4.67


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Cutting Edge (A Handful of Men #1)
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