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3. Undue Influence (Paul Madriani #3)
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Wizard War (Chronicles of an Age of Darkness #1) (BK954)
Hugh Cook
For fans of the Dragonlance books and the work of David Edding, Terry Brooks and J.R.R. Tolkien comes an innovative sword-and-sorcery quest novel that combines all the well-loved traditions of the genre with some surprising variations. FROM THE BOTTOMLESS WELL OF SECRETS. ...deep in the heart of the Forbidden Zone, in the 'mysterious Dry Pit, an object has vanished. It is a simple artifact, yet potent enough to conquer the / world. And it has been stolen by an evil wizard named Heenmor. Three men of the mystical arts have been sent by the Confederation of Wizards to seek out the renegade, destroy him, and recapture the lethal magic he has stolen. They are a powerful lot....Green-eyed Miphon is a wizard and skilled healer; ancient Phyphor is learned enough to be very dangerous; and apprentice Garash is impulsive, careless, and some say, amoral. Together they will join forces with fierce Rovac warriors to contend with burning battlefields, magic bottles, and dragons run amok - and ultimately, the traitor and thief who lurks among them.

In Paperback Format
In Good Condition,
Copyright 1987

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Wizard War (Chronicles of an Age of Darkness #1)
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